liquid level indicators

Liquid level indicators are the easiest and most reliable system to measure the level of products inside atmospheric or low pressure storage tanks.

liquid level indicator
LupiAugusto builds a large variety of liquid level indicators with gauge board in different materials. All the models are very realible and easy to intall.
SERIES 100.1 liquid level indicators with aluminium hardware for standard tanks, floating roof tanks, concrete bacins or vapour seal tanks.
 liquid level indicator
SERIES 100.2 liquid level indicators SS304L – SS316L, for standard or floating roof tanks and for vapor seal roof tanks.
SERIES 100.3 liquid level indicators PVC and PEHD
SERIES 130.0 sealed elbow in SS316L with FEP/PTFE gaskets  to operate on low pressure tanks.indicatore di livello a tenuta stagna
SERIES 150.1 gauge boardsgauge board for liquid level indicators
Gauge boards are realised in high contrast colours (white-black and yellow-black). Special and custom gauge boards are built in bi-colour PVC, black anodized aluminium and stainless steel.